PlayStation VR 2 Not Happening Anytime Soon

Sony is pretty content with its existing portfolio of virtual reality gear and doesn’t intent to treat it to a serious update anytime soon. That’s according to no one else but PlayStation CEO, Mr. Jim Ryan. In today’s interview with The Washington Post, Mr. Ryan said the next big step forward for VR technologies is still “more than a few minutes away” – at least as far as consumer electronics applications are concerned.

While he did his best to tiptoe around the any questions concerning a potential sequel to the PlayStation VR headset, the CEO ultimately clarified that it PSVR2 isn’t something consumers should be holding their breath for. And not because Sony doesn’t want to do it, the CEO argued. It’s just that the current state of the VR industry isn’t conducive to making a serious sequel to the said headset.

Hardly a controversial opinion, but then again, PSVR is already over four years old at this point, which is something that’s fairly easy to forget, even if you own the gadget, because you’re probably more used to watching it sit on a shelf than actually using it. But as far as tackling the overall lack of quality VR content is concerned, Sony doesn’t appear to be overly enthusiastic to do so.

Mr. Ryan, himself, suggested the company would much rather pursue traditional AAA exclusives with established, multi-million audiences.

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