Lynx R-1 Headset Delayed, But With A Price Cut

Mixed-reality startup Lynx officially delayed its first consumer-level headset, the Lynx R-1, for a few weeks, and now intends to start shipping the first wave of pre-orders around the very end of December. However, to make up for the fact this means many of its customers will be left without a Christmas present, the startup now plans to slash the introductory price of its offering.

Back when it was still meant to hit the market by late August, the headset was said to be targeting a $1,500 price point. The company already processed some partial deposits, as well, which is why slashing the price of the seminal product should not be a logistical challenge as no refunds would be required to take place on a large scale, threatening to bury Lynx in payment processing fees.

That was the good news. The less great news is that we are still waiting to hear the new price target. As “lower” could mean anything from 15 to 215 bucks, for a product such as the Lynx R-1. In either case, assuming this head-mounted gadget hits some basline quality-control level, it should be a compelling offer given how it promises to deliver both VR and MR prowess in equal measure.

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