HTC Celebrates 4th Viveport Anniversary By Giving Away A $40 Game

It may be Viveport’s birthday, but it is Viveport users who will be receiving some amazing gifts over the course of the next couple of weeks as part of HTC’s extensive efforts to commemorate the occasion, the company revealed in a press release published this morning.

The main piece of news here is that from today through October 11th, you are able to claim a free copy of The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners, Skydance Interactive’s hit first-person horror game released back in January to amazing reviews. Just to provide some more context on how big of a deal this is – The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners is a $40 game. It saw a couple of smaller sales since the turn of the year but still, this is a pretty generous move from HTC, no matter how you cut it.

Of course, you still need to actually be a Viveport subscriber to take advantage of this offer, but signing up for the service right now won’t require you to pay for a full year of it upfront, which usually comes down to a $107.88 lump sum. Instead, you can simply opt for a monthly plan that will run you $8.99 every… well, month, duh. This isn’t by mistake, either, but simply a loss leader strategy that HTC is pursuing, being convinced most Viveport subscribers will enjoy themselves more than enough to remain subscribed.

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