Review: GMYLE Slim Bluetooth Wireless Portable Keyboard

I often like using a Bluetooth wireless keyboard along with my iPad.  Especially when away from home.  I can usually replace my computer with my iPad and this lightens the load of gear I have to bring with me.  However, there’s one problem using a Bluetooth wireless keyboard with the iPad.  It usually means replacing the protective case that I’m currently using with one that has a keyboard built in.  While there are plenty of wireless keyboards that can be used with the iPad the GMYLE Slim Bluetooth Wireless Portable Keyboard is one such that has a stand mechanism built right in.  It’s this pop out style stand that makes the GMYLE Slim Bluetooth Wireless Portable Keyboard so useful.  Not only does the keyboard allow you to use whichever protective case you’d like but it features large comfortable keys that are as close to typing on a realy desktop style keyboard as you’re likely to find on a keyboard meant for tablets.  Want to see more of the GMYLE Slim Bluetooth Wireless Portable Keyboard?  Check out my full review below.

Read on through for my full review and be sure to catch the video at the end of the review for a more up close and personal look at the GMYLE Slim Bluetooth Wireless Portable Keyboard.

Inside the packaging you’ll find the keyboard itself along with a Micro USB recharging cable and a set of instructions.

Here’s what GMYLE has to say about the Slim Bluetooth Wireless Portable Keyboard.

  • Ultra-slim with retractable stand for tablets and other devices
  • Lightweight aluminum case with Black colored keys; using Bluetooth 3.0Supports 3 major operating systems: Android, iOS and Windows
  • 81 chiclet keys with dedicated “Delete” key and other function keys
  • Built-in rechargeable lithium battery provides over 140 hours use with auto-sleep feature

The keyboard is turned on and off via a small switch located on the bottom side.  As soon as you turn the power to on the status LED will light up and stay lit for about five seconds.  Then it turns off.  In order to use the keyboard with your wireless Bluetooth device you’ll need to pair the two together.  To do so simply press the connect button, which is located right next to the power button.  The LED below the status icon will flash.  You can then go to the Bluetooth settings on your mobile device to complete the pairing process.  When prompted, type on the four digit code and press enter.  This pairing process only need to be completed once.

You’ll need to charge up the battery inside the keyboard before longterm use as well.  To do so connect the included Micro USB port to the keyboard (the charging port is located on side near the power button, and then to an available USB port on your computer.  You can also choose to connect the cable to a Micro USB compatible wall adapter or simply use a Micro USB wall charger.  Once fully charged you’ll get up to 140 hours of usage out of the keyboard before needing to charge it up again thanks to a special sleep mode.  If the keyboard is left inactive for more than 15 minutes it’ll go to sleep.  To wake it up press any key and wait about 3 seconds before using the keyboard.

When the battery inside the keyboard is low an LED will begin blinking letting you know that it needs to be charged.  While charging the LED stays solidly lit and goes out when the keyboard is fully charged.

This keyboard has special kickstand style feet that can be deployed to use as a stand for your tablet of choice. To release the feel simply press the switch located on the bottom of the keyboard, towards the center.  These feet are spring loaded and pop out like a switch blade.  To retract the feet simply press down on them and push them back into place, locking them shut.  Most any tablet rests comfortably on the two feet, propped up in a convenient viewing angle.

The keys themselves on the GMYLE Slim Bluetooth Wireless Portable Keyboard are chicklet style and almost as large as keys found on a tradition desktop style keyboard.  Since this keyboard can work with virtually any tablet on the market you’ll find three fast switching keys for easily configuring it with either Android, Windows or iOS.  Once you’ve set the keyboard to work with your specific device you’ll then be able to take advantage of the extra device specific keys located on the top row of the keyboard.

The GMYLE Slim Bluetooth Wireless Portable Keyboard offers a universal solution for those individuals looking to add a desktop style keyboard to their tablet device.  Normally adding a keyboard to your tablet involves changing up your case.  This usually comes in the form of something that’s big and bulky.  With the GMYLE Slim Bluetooth Wireless Portable Keyboard you’re able to keep the protective case you already own and just bring along the keyboard when you actually need it.  The keys on the GMYLE Slim Bluetooth Wireless Portable Keyboard and chicklet style and a pleasure to type on, creating a real desktop style feel when in use.  If you’re in the market for a Bluetooth keyboard for your tablet be sure to check out this affordable accessory today.

You can learn more about the GMYLE Slim Bluetooth Wireless Portable Keyboard by visiting this page on the company’s web site.

MSRP:  $26.98

PROS:  Universal.  Affordable.  Large keys.

CONS:  Buttons and indicators located underneath keyboard.

Original Author: Larry Greenberg

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