Review: Jabra Stealth Bluetooth Headset

Get ready to meet what Jabra calls the next generation of Bluetooth headsets.  The company’s newest release claims to take Bluetooth headsets to the next level by being the first to incorporate the breakthrough microPOWER battery technology which allows for a significantly smaller design, longer talk time and a better comfort experience.  Does all this translate into something you’ll want to pop inside your ear?  You’ll have to check out my full review to find out!

Read on through for my full review and be sure to catch the video at the end of the review for a more up close and personal look at the Jabra Stealth Bluetooth Headset.

Inside the packaging you’ll find the headset along with an instructional manual and other paperwork, some extra ear gels and extra ear clips and a micro USB cable for charging.

Here’s what Jabra has to say about the Stealth Bluetooth Headset.

Key benefits

  • Smartphone voice control button for remote activation of Siri/Google Now
  • Noise blackout dual microphone reduces background noise
  • HD Voice* for high definition  sound quality NFC** for easy pairing
  • Stream music, podcasts or GPS directions Up to 6 hours talk time*
  • Network dependent   **Device dependent

Before using the Stealth with your mobile device you’ll first need to charge it up.  To do so open up the cover which protects the micro USB port and insert the provided micro USB cable.  The other end can then be connected to an available USB port on your computer.  You can also connect the cable to a USB compatible wall adapter, like the one that came with your mobile phone.  Or you can do what I did which is just use a regular micro USB wall charger.

The Stealth needs about two hours to achieve a full charge.  Once fully charged Jabra says you’ll get up to 6 hours of talk time from the Stealth and 240 hours of standby.

Once fully charged you can turn on the headset via the single power switch.  I find this preferable to the “press and hold” buttons some of the other Bluetooth headsets I’ve reviewed have.  I never seem to know how long to hold the buttons down.  The switch makes things easier.  Once you’ve turned the power on you’ll need to place the headset in pairing mode.  Press and hold the answer/end button for 3 seconds to do so.  The small LED on the front of the Stealth will flash blue letting you know it’s ready to be paired.

You can then proceed to the Bluetooth settings of your mobile phone to complete the pairing process.  If you’re phone is enabled with NFC you can also use that to pair the two up.  For that you simply slide the NFC area of your mobile phone over the NFC area of the headset, which is located on the lower part of the boom.

The Stealth can be worn on either your left or your right ear.  It comes with three different ear gel styles as well as two different ear hook styles.  It’s easy to remove and change both so that you can properly fit the headset to your ear.

The multifunction button, which is located on the back/front of the boom part of the headset, can allow you to complete several tasks on your mobile phone while remaining mostly handsfree.  The single answer/end button tapped once will answer or end an incoming phone call.  If you double press the answer/end button you’ll redial the last number you called.  The voice button, which is located on the bottom/inside of the boom of the headset, can be pressed and held for one second to activate voice dialing.  This will be dependent upon your specific phone.  To raise and lower the volume in the headset’s ear piece you need to use the volume controls on your mobile phone.

At $100 the Stealth isn’t cheap so you probably don’t want  to lose it.  Thankfully Jabra has an application that can help insure you don’t. The Jabra Assist app, which is available for both iOS and Android, uses GPS tracking to help locate your Stealth should you lose it.  Each time the headset is in use the position is geo tagged. If the headset gets misplaced, you can see on the map on your smartphone where it has been used last time making it easy to find the headset again. The application can even show the easiest route back to your headset. Furthermore if the headset is lost but still in range, you can activate a sound in the headset, making it easier to find again.  There’s also a battery meter which gives you a simple visual indication of the remaining battery time on your Jabra device. It will give you a warning when the level reaches 50%, 25% and 10% of the remaining talk time.

If you’re in the market for a new Bluetooth headset you’re going to want to check out the Jabra Stealth.  This all new design not only offers great battery life, but is light weight and super comfortable to wear, even all day long.  Because Jabra’s Stealth features the latest, most advanced sound enhancement technologies like Noise Blackout, which reduces background noise from your conversations teamed together with HD voice, you are ensured of crystal clear conversations at both ends of the call.  Be sure to have a look at the Jabra Stealth today!

You can learn more about the Jabra Stealth Bluetooth Headset by visiting this page on the company’s web site.

MSRP:  $99.95

PROS:  Small.  Light.  Good battery life.

CONS:  Small buttons can be hard to access.

Original Author: Larry Greenberg

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