Military Rugged Wireless Charging Case Aussie Branded Unveiled At CES

On the back of mounting demand for wireless technology, the international tech community is rallying behind a world’s first rugged wireless charging case an Australian brand showcased at last week’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, with retailers pushing to get to stores this quarter. With 150,000–plus attending last week’s CES, mobile accessory innovator, Dog & Bone, the Australian brand that released the world’s first topless direct touchscreen waterproof mobile case last year, unveiled prototypes of their new patent pending, rugged Backbone wireless charging case at CES. The Backbone wireless charging case is merely 12.2 mm slim, enjoys a slightly raised rim around the front edge to help protect the touchscreen, meets military specifications to handle knocks and drops from one metre, is Made for iPhone (MFi) pending, Qi compatible, shuts off once device is fully charged, and enjoys direct access to charging port for traditional charging.

The two-piece Backbone wireless charging case is cleverly designed for interchanging with a masterfully slim Backbone battery for added power, without removing the case. Dog & Bone Founder, Mr Lee Ranchod, who was in Las Vegas last week for CES, said he was thrilled with the response to Dog & Bone’s newest innovation.

“Many tech distributors, retailers and other attendees indicated to us, the Backbone wireless charging case was either one of the most or the single most exciting thing within the mobile phone arena at this year’s CES,” Mr Ranchod said. “The likes of businesses such as Starbucks are embracing wireless charging technology by starting to roll out charge mats in their coffee shops for the convenience of their patrons. Many of the tech savvy at CES felt wireless charging was ready to take off in a big way in 2014, but that existing wireless charge case options fell short of consumer needs. “What consumers are telling them and us is that existing wireless charge cases can charge your phone, but offered virtually nothing in the way of protection, aesthetics and useability.”

“More and more so consumers demand technology that not only works, but also works with our lifestyle,” Mr Ranchod said. “Wireless charging is growing because consumers love the convenience of charging without plugging in and plugging out. “What current wireless charging cases miss is that that we look to a case as a way to also protect and style our phones, and we want something that is not an inconvenience to use. “We don’t want to have to remove our wireless charging case to protect our phones from day to day wear and tear, nor do we want the hassle of removing our case to simply use our car charger as has reported to be the issue on existing case options. “The Backbone wireless charging case combines all four key features demanded by consumers –wireless charging, protection, usability and style. With the slim interchangeable battery it also provides a simple solution to carrying extra power right in your back pocket.”

Backbone’s unique over-molded exterior, made from thermoplastic elastomer, provides a soft protective touch, and the hardness is offered from the polycarbonate interior. Mr Ranchod said Dog & Bone’s Backbone reflects the brand’s mission to innovate and be at the forefront of mobile phone technology.

“Dog & Bone pushes the boundaries of what has been traditionally offered in mobile technology.” Mr Ranchod said. “This is what we did when we released the world’s first topless mobile case, Wetsuit, with an optimum direct touchscreen, and when we released the first of its kind with touch ID compatibility. “And this is what we have done with Backbone – produce a slim, user friendly and rugged wireless charging case combining both smart wireless technology and a smart, rugged design.”

Dog & Bone is pushing forward on production of the Backbone wireless charging case for iPhone 5s/5, charge pad and interchangeable battery with expected release in March/April. The wireless charging case will offer two initial bespoke patterns – Tread and Trilobe – in different colour combinations.

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