Review: LUXA2 Groovy Wireless Stereo Speaker

I’ll just come right out and admit it.  I was always jealous of other reviewers who got to experience LUXA2 products.  So when the company contacted me out of the blue to see if I was interested in reviewing some product not only was I honored, but I was psyched!  If you’re not familiar with LUXA2′s line of products they are another company who makes accessories which look as though they were designed and produced by Apple themselves.  In my first review I’ll be checking out the Groovy Wireless Speaker.  Don’t let the small size or the affordable price tag of the Groovy fool you.  This little wireless speaker sports and modern and sophisticated look, it supports audio for both music and phone calls and it sounds great too.  Don’t just take my word for it though.  Check out my full review to learn more about the LUXA2 Groovy Wireless Stereo Speaker.

Read on through for my full review and be sure to catch the video at the end of the review for a more up close and personal look at the LUXA2 Groovy Wireless Stereo Speaker .

Inside the packaging you’ll find the speaker itself along with some extras.  These include a Micro USB recharging cable, 3.5mm cable AUX cable, carrying pouch, 2 leather handles (one brown and one black) and the user manual.

Here’s what LUXA2 has to say about the Groovy Wireless Stereo Speaker .

Some say, you have to sacrifice performance for looks. Luxa2 say, why not have both.

The Groovy Bluetooth sound system may look like a celebrity diva, with sleek aluminum curves and fashionistic genuine leather, but just like a true diva, it comes with a tantrum!

The Groovy is made from mostly brushed aluminum.  This provides for a really luxurious feel.  There’s no plastic at all and the Groovy feels like it should cost much more than its meager $89 price tag.  It measures in at 3 inches tall x 7 inches long x 2.1 inches wide.

On the bottom of the Groovy four rubber feet stand ready to protect not only the speaker but whatever surface you place it on to.  This also stops the speaker from moving around during playback.

There are two optional leather handles included in the packaging.  The black or brown handle slips on or off the Groovy easily and can be used to assist you when it comes time to move the speaker around.  It looks pretty cool tool.

You’ll need to charge up the battery inside the Groovy first, if you plan to use it away from an outlet, truly wirelessly.  You do so with the included Micro USB cable.  This can be plugged into an available USB outlet on your computer or used along with a universal USB wall charger, such as the one that comes with your iPhone.  If you’ve got a regular Micro USB wall charger around you can use that too.  A bight LED in the front of the Groovy lights red up during charging.  The Groovy features a 1,800 mAh battery which should yield up to 3.5 hours of max. volume audio playback.  It also takes about 3.5 hours to fully charge the battery.

To place the Groovy into pairing mode simply press and hold the power button.  Then head to the Bluetooth settings of your particular device to hook the two devices up.  You’ll only need to do this once.  The LED light on the front of the Groovy will flash blue and red during the pairing process.

There several buttons and ports across the top of the Groovy.  You’ll find the AUX port, for connecting an audio device directly, should you not choose to use Bluetooth.  There’s also the aforementioned power button, volume up and down, a multifunction play, pause, answer and end button, the Micro USB port and a microphone.

The Groovy sounds great at both the mid and high end range.  It lacks a bit of bass but more than makes up for it with its strong audio presence, luxurious build quality and included extras.

The LUXA2 Groovy is a well designed, well built Bluetooth wireless speaker that comes with a ton of extras.  The Groovy’s rechargeable battery doesn’t last as long as I’d like but I’d trade off the size of the Groovy for a longer battery any day.  The brushed aluminum finish of the Groovy will compliment any scenario.  As for sound the Groovy excelled at both music play back as well as speaker phone calls too.  While the Groovy lacks a bit of bass it makes up for that with crisp sound even

You can learn more about the LUXA2 Groovy Wireless Stereo Speaker by visiting this page on the company’s web site.

MSRP:  $89.00

PROS:  Small.  Modern look.  Well built.  Good sound.  Affordable.

CONS:  Short battery life.

Original Author: Larry Greenberg

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