Review: Sharkk Apple iPad & iPad Mini Backlit Keyboard Case

Are you an iPad user who prefers more of a traditional feel when it comes to typing?  A keyboard case can be a great way to acheive a “laptop” like feel from your Apple tablet.  If there’s one thing that’s important to me when it comes to using a keyboard case with my iPad it’s the form factor.  It’s got to be thin.  The last thing I want to do is bulk up my iPad with a thick and heavy keyboard case.  The SHARKK Backlit Keyboard Cases comes in versions for both the iPad 2, 3, and 4 as well as the iPad Mini.  It even works along side Apple’s Smart Cover as well.  Would you believe all this functionality comes for a price that’s less than most of the other keyboard cases on the market?

Read on through for my full review and be sure to catch my video at the end for an up close and personal look at the SHARKK Apple iPad & iPad Mini Backlit Keyboard Case.

Note:  Everything said and shown in this review can be applied to both the larger version of the keyboard as well as the version for the iPad Mini.

Inside the packaging you’ll find the keyboard along with a Micro USB recharging cable, instruction manual and a set of rubber feet.

Here’s what SHARKK has to say about the Apple iPad & iPad Mini Backlit Keyboard Case.

  • Keyboard has 7 different backlight color options
  • Made by SHARKK Brands. Customized with sleep/wake hibernation mode when case is on the tablet.
  • USB cable included for charging. Works with all versions of iPad Mini.
  • Takes 3 hours to charge. Li-Ion Battery lasts 60 hours.
  • Vertical and horizontal verwing options. Keyboard shell is Aluminum.

The outside of the case has a brushed aluminum look to it.  I do notice it has a tendency to attract oils from your fingers but the smudges easily wipe away.

The keyboard side of the case has a soft touch finish.  There are two buttons on the keyboard located in the top right corner.  A ON/OFF switch and a Connect button.

On the right side of the case there’a a single Micro USB port for charging the keyboard.  You use the included Micro USB cable to charge the keyboard either by connecting it to an available USB port on your computer or to a USB compatible wall charger.  While charging a small LED in the upper right corner of the case keyboard glows red.  When the battery is fully charged the light turns off.

Just like any Bluetooth device you’ll need to complete a one-time pairing process to get it to work with your iPad.  Head to the Settings app on the iPad, then Bluetooth.  Tap the “Bluetooth 3.0 Keyboard” in the list and when you’re ready, press the CONNECT button on the keyboard.  On the iPad you’ll be promoted to enter a 4 digit code to complete the pairing process.

On the lower right corner of the keyboard, two keys over from the SHIFT key you’ll find the backlight key.  Press it once to turn the keyboard backlighting on, press it again to make the light brighter and press it a third time to turn it off.

You can also cycle through different colors for the keyboard backlight by pressing the Light key and the UP or DOWN Arrow key at the same time.  I believe I counted 7 different colors to choose from.

You have the option of standing your iPad up inside the keyboard by releasing a pop-out mechanism.  This allows for only only angle though.  It is however, very secure.

As far as typing on the keyboard goes I found the keys quite pleasurably to use.  They’re amply sized and offer a nice amount of tactile feedback when pressed.  The top row of the keyboard contains iPad specific keys as well.

If you’ve been looking for an affordable way to add a keyboard case to your iPad or iPad Mini the SHARKK Apple iPad & iPad Mini Backlit Keyboard Case is great choice.  It’s light weight, works with the Apple Smart Cover and features a color changing backlight which makes the keyboard usable almost anywhere.

You can learn more about the SHARKK Apple iPad & iPad Mini Backlit Keyboard Case by visiting this page on

MSRP:  $34.99 for iPad version, $32.99 for iPad Mini Version

PROS:  Multiple colors for backlight.  Affordable.  Mini and Larger iPad versions.  Works with Smart Cover.

CONS:  One one stand angle.

Original Author: Larry Greenberg

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