10 Second Review: BlueLounge Kii

When I spotted the BlueLounge Kii the other day I knew I had to have one.  How often have you wished you had a Lightning cable with you?  I know there have been several times when my iPhone 5′s battery could have used a topping off but I’d left the cable at home.  The BlueLounge Kii is a small Lightning cable.  So small in fact that it resembles a key and easily slips onto your keychain.  When it comes time for charging you simply pop the Lightning portion of the Kii off it’s holder and plug it into an available USB port.  The receptacle stays put on your key chain ready to receive the cable when you’re done charging.

You can pick up the Kii straight from the BlueLounge web site for both Lightning devices as well as the older 30-pin.  The Kii starts at $19.95 for the 30-pin version and jumps up to $39.95 for the Lightning.  It comes in both white or black.

Check out my first ever 10-second video review below.  Yeah, the Kii is just that simple and it plain works.

MSRP:  $19.95 – $39.95

PROS:  Small.  Attaches to keychain. Works with all Lighting devices.

CONS:  None

Original Author: Larry Greenberg

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