Dog Bone Wetsuit, Topless Waterproof iPhone Case

LifeProof recently unveiled it’s plans for a waterproof case, sans screen protector.  The Nuud case should be shipping soon.  However, you don’t have to wait to get your hands on a waterproof case that comes free of an annoying screen shield.

Enter the Dog Bone Wetsuit.

Life is active. You work, you play, and you eat and drink. But no matter what, water is in your life every day.

Wouldn’t it make it that much easier if your smartphone could join you for both the smooth and the rough moments, the dry times and the wet ones and you didn’t have to worry all the while if it would live through the end of the day!

Dog & Bone’s new Wetsuit iPhone 5 case is waterproof, shockproof, dirtproof and snowproof. Jump from activity to activity – from land to water – and stay confident all the while your mobile phone is protected.

Better still, this waterproof and rugged mobile phone case is streams ahead of anything else. Not only is Dog & Bone’s Wetsuit iPhone 5 waterproof case tough and rugged, yet masterfully slim and stylish with complete access to all ports and controls, but it has a unique cutting edge design like none other of its kind (patent pending). Dog Bone says Wetsuit is the WORLD’S FIRST topless waterproof mobile phone case giving you optimum direct touch screen sensitivity.

The Wetsuit is available now in a wide variety of colors, for $79.95, here.

Source: MOTH

Original Author: Larry Greenberg

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