Review: Stone Jelly iPhone 5 Case

Chances are, you’re not familiar with a company named Stone Jelly. Stone Jelly is a UK-based case manufacturer for iPhone and iPad, and their products are as unique as their name. George, the company’s founder, reached out to me to take a look at their iPhone 5 case. Hit the jump to find out more about this unique offering.

I’ll get the obvious out of the way first: Stone Jelly’s iPhone 5 case will serve a niche market. The case definitely isn’t for everyone, as the look and feel of it will almost certainly turn some customers off. However, if you’re a fan of steampunk/vintage-oriented styling, the Stone Jelly iPhone 5 case is gorgeously constructed.

The case is made out of Brown Oak, Portuguese cork, and anodized aluminum. There isn’t a single piece of plastic in the case, and I like that. The phone is inserted into the case via two fixings that come apart and allow the iPhone 5 to slide into the case.

You’ll notice the Portuguese cork when you go and insert your phone. I think this was a pretty wise choice by the folks at Stone Jelly, as the cork provides great shock absorption during drops.

The front and back of the iPhone 5 is completely exposed, which lends this idea that your phone is completely surrounded with organic material; almost an organic shell for a technology-oriented center. It’s a strange metaphor, but I like it.

The bottom of the phone is completely open, allows you to use most third-party cables and headphones. You have to be cautious with some headphones though, as the 3.5mm jack doesn’t have too much space from the case’s edge.

The volume up/down buttons, along with the mute/ring switch is exposed as well, allowing easy access to them. The front and back of the case are offset on this part of the case, and I’m not sure how I feel about it. In most instances, it’s easy to use the buttons, but it’s aesthetically displeasing, in my opinion.

The top of the case is my favorite: there’s a Brown Oak insert that covers the sleep/wake button. It has fantastic feedback, and is just pleasing to press.

The overall feel of the case is a bit of a problem. I have relatively small hands, and the Stone Jelly iPhone 5 case makes it very difficult to use with just one hand, much like many of the bulkier cases currently on the market. The rounded edges of the case make it comfortable to hold, however you should probably count on using both hands most of the time, unless your hands are gargantuan. The case also provides phenomenal protection from drops and has gratuitous lay-on-the-table design.

I think the decision to purchase the Stone Jelly iPhone 5 case should be based on one premise: aesthetics. If you’re a fan of the stylings of the steampunk era, this is absolutely one of the most unique cases available. You will not sacrifice protection, either, as the Brown Oak and anodized aluminum are strong. At £39.95 ($62.56 at the time of writing), the Stone Jelly iPhone 5 case is an investment, but certainly a wise one if you’re in love with the way it looks. Check it out on Stone Jelly’s website.

MSRP: ~$63

Pros: Fantastic/unique design and styling, great protection. Made from great materials.

Cons: Clumsy/cumbersome shape.

Original Author: Roger Ogden

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