Review: Compuexpert’s TekNmotion Air Capsule Portable Bluetooth Speaker

The TekNmotion Air Capsule is an ultra-compact portable Bluetooth speaker with deep, tight bass and life-like sound quality for an immersive listening experience when you’re on the go. The Air Capsule is compatible with all Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones, tablets, PCs and Macs, or any device with an AUX-In 3.5mm interface. Built into the speaker is an omni-directional microphone, making it perfect for conference calls or answering calls hands-free.

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In the packaging you have the speaker, the charging cable, a aux-in cable for those products that do not have bluetooth and a gripped pad so your device does not slide around and instructions/guide.

The speaker is really nice looking and well designed. I wouldn’t mind placing this anywhere!

On the side you have an on and off switch, the charging port in the middle and the aux-in port for those non-bluetooth phones/mp3 players.

On the bottom you have a sticker like applicator so when it is placed down it will not move.

On the other side of the speaker you have a microphone, a call button for you to answer calls if your device is hooked up via your iPhone and you can take hands free.  There is also a light indicator for syncing and charging.

The small grip like pad is nice to use if you don’t want to use the one already on your speaker.

As you can see when you sync up the speaker it will make a noise and flash red and blue to show you its looking to be synced.

It easy to use this speaker for calls and music.  It’s also cool that if you have Bluetooth on your computer your can use this as an external speaker which I did with my iMac.

It might be small but it packs a big punch, the music sounds great and it’s pretty cool that you can use this for hands free conversations weather it be on your phone or your computer. This product you are probably thinking is expensive but nope your wrong it is cheap and is excellent for the price, check it out and buy it at Compuexpert because it has yet to disappoint me!

MSRP: $39.99

PROS: Nice looking, Bluetooth compatible, Can be used with Aux-in, Rechargeable, Portable, Loud, Can be used for hands free calls.

CONS: Not alot of bass.

Original Author: Ashley

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