Spigen SGP HardBook for Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Review

Since I picked up a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 a little over two weeks ago I find myself carrying it more and more.  I’ve therefore started a quest.  A quest for the perfect case.  Just like I’ve done and am still doing with my iPhone the search for the perfect Note 2 case has begun.  Spigen SGP offers a few cases for the Note 2.  I’ve already taken a look at their Ultra Thin Series (click here if you want to check out that review) and next up is the company’s Hardbook case.

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The Spigen SGP Hardbook case for the Galaxy Note 2 is available in four different color options.  You can choose from Lavender, Navy, Sky Blue and Azalea Pink.

Here’s what Spigen SGP says about the case…

“The SPIGEN HARDBOOK is a premium synthetic leather case with a sophisticated style for your Galaxy Note 2. The UV coated polycarbonate frame has a soft matte feel. The frame locks the GALAXY Note 2 in place for added security and protection. The exterior has the soft texture of leather while the inside is designed to allow the Note 2 be set in a viewing angle. The front flap includes a storage slot for essential cards, IDs, and etc.

The HARDBOOK folds easily into a stand for watching videos at a great angle. The holders on the corners keeps the angle from slipping.

The HARDBOOK provides card storage slot for essential cards, IDs, and etc.

The HARDBOOK does not include magnets inside.

The HARDBOOK folds back to easily into one hand for comfortable grip.”

Inside the packaging you’ll find just the case.  I have to admit this was a bit of a disappointment for me.  Having reviewed so many of Spigen SGP’s iPhone cases that come with one of their fabulous crystal clear screen shields I was expected to find one tucked inside this case.

The case itself features a snap in design that’s similar to that of the Ultra Thin Case I reviewed.  The phone snaps into the sturdy frame and really stays put.  This sort of case does make me a little nervous when it comes time to insert the phone.  The Note 2 has buttons on both sides so I’m always afraid one might get caught.  However, there’s enough flex in the case that you can safely insert the phone without damaging your phone.

The inside of the front of the case has a small pocket in which you can store business cards, IDs or a credit card.

It’s also possible to prop up the Galaxy Note 2 in landscape mode while using the case.

As far as cutouts go, on the back of the case you’ll find everything you might expect including cutouts for the camera and speaker.

The Spigen  SGP Hardbook Case for the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 feels sturdy.  Once you’ve placed your phone inside the entire package feels akin to a hardcover book, strong and well protected.  The front flap flips open easily and the case remains surprisingly thin even though it offers a good amount of protection.  The case reminds me of a small pocket diary or journal.  It’s sophisticated and sleek.  I only wish that it were offered in some more muted colors like black or brown.

Check out my full video review below…

You can learn more about the Spigen SGP Hardbook Case for the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 by visiting this page on the company’s web site.

MSRP:  $36.99

PROS:  Good protection.  Props phone up.

CONS:  No muted colors.  No included screen shield.

Original Author: Larry Greenberg

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