iPad Mini 4G LTE Version to Deliver 11/21, White WiFi Versions Already Sold Out

At both the Apple keynote address on Tuesday and at the moment pre-orders began early this morning, we were told that the 4G LTE version of the iPad Mini would ship “about 2 weeks” after the WiFi version.  Even when I went to order mine last night the Apple store indicated “ships in mid November.”  And still this morning, when you a select an iPad Mini with 4G LTE to purchase you’ll see a it delivers in “mid November.”

However, when I checked my account this morning I noticed that the 4G LTE iPad Mini I ordered has now been updated with a firm delivery date of November 21st.

If you were planning on ordering a white version of the iPad Mini and didn’t do so at the official launch this morning at midnight PST you’d better be prepared to wait.  While the black version of the iPad Mini is still available for delivery on launch day, 11/2, the white’s delivery day has slipped to “2 weeks.”

Original Author: Larry Greenberg

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