Scosche Releases fitRail Excercise Mount for iPad and iPad 2

Schoche Industries, innovator of consumer technology, has announced that the fitRAIL exercise mount is now available.   With the fitRail, you can watch movies, tv shows, listen to music, and read during work outs.  The aluminum frame mounts to treadmills, exercise bikes, elliptical machines, and other exercise machines found at home or the gym.

The iPad or iPad 2 rests in the fitRAIL’s mounting tray. and holds in place by Schoche’s patented stickGRIP material.  A neoprene clip-on strap connects to the top of the iPad so it will not move.  The fitRAIL also comes with softer rubber feet to protect against scratching workout machines.  It also folds into a travel pouch making it easily fit into a gym bag.   You can also use Schoche myTRECK pulse monitor and app during work outs.  Attach the arm strap monitor to track your pulse, calories burned, and time on the iPad or iPad 2.

The user’s iPad or iPad2 rests in the fitRAIL’s mounting tray and is held in place against the frame by Scosche’s patented stickGRIP material. A neoprene clip-on strap attaches to the top of the iPad to safely lock it into place. The fitRAIL also features soft rubber feet to prevent scratching workout machines and a smart, foldable design and travel pouch for the gym bag.fitRAIL is also a great way to use the Scosche myTREK pulse monitor and app during workouts. Users simply attach the arm strap monitor to track their pulse, calories burned and time on their iPad or iPad 2.

“With all of our favorite apps, music, videos and more available on the iPad it makes a truly great workout companion,” said Kas Alves, Executive Vice President of Scosche Industries. “The fitRAIL provides fitness enthusiasts with convenient access to all this media on their iPad during workouts.”

Visit Apple retail stores, or to purchase the Scoche fitRAIL exercise mount for $49.99.

Original Author: Zach Buckler

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