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X2: X-Men United Gets Disney+ Release Date



X2 X-Men United Gets Disney+

X2: X-Men United will be arriving on Disney+ next Friday, October 9th. Marvel itself announced the news earlier today, nothing that the 2003 film won’t be the only new addition to the service that MCU fans will find noteworthy this month.

Scheduled to debut exactly one week later, on October 16th, is the elegantly named Marvel’s Iron Man & Captain America: Heroes United. This animated adventure sees the two iconic superheroes team up in an effort to stop Taskmaster and Red Skull from stealing some dangerous Stark technology.

Finally, new episodes of Marvel Superhero Adventures will be hitting Disney+ near the end of the month, on October 23rd. Assuming you have already found the time to go through the first three seasons in their entirety, of course. As for X2, the 2000 movie that preceded it was already part of the Disney+ library for a while now, with both being among the most universally acclaimed projects from the 20th Century Fox library of X-Men content.

It originally grossed $407 million on a quarter of that budget. Speaking of budgets, Disney+ unfortunately hasn’t been offering free trials since earlier in the year, and the first month will run you as much as any other – $12.99.

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