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Rick and Morty Season Four Resumes On Adult Swim



Rick and Morty Season Four

The second half ot the fourth season of Rick and Morty returned to Adult Swim last night. The new episode – Never Ricking Morty – added yet another fourth-wall-breaking adventure into the show’s long repertoire of such stories.

This time around, it even managed to confuse a major part of its dedicated following in the process, at least based on initial fan reactions to the episode that can be found on social media. Obligatory spoiler alert for the latest episode, duh; namely, the fandom isn’t even close to agreeing on what exactly has been happening for the majority of the episode that saw Rick and Morty trapped on a meta train powered by stories starring Rick.

Most seem to agree the episode was making fan of the show’s following and its tendency to speculate about its overarching narrative. Which understandably wasn’t to everyone’s liking. Regardless, it would appear the fourth season of Rick and Morty is continuing in a recognizably bizarre fashion, which was always a big part of its charm.

Well, that and convoluted meta-breaking narratives that aren’t afraid to force the show into reinventing itself every few episodes, whenever it is Dan Harmon’s turn to be the lead writer for another plot.

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