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Lexus Presents the Theme of Diversification and Electrification Aiming to Deliver New Value to Customers

On September 15th (Friday) and 16th (Saturday), Lexus hosted the LEXUS SHOWCASE event for global media, where they shared insights into the diversification and electrification efforts of the Lexus brand.

What is the range of an electric mountain e-bike?

Since we first got involved in the electric mountain bike industry, we’ve been receiving a lot of related questions, like “how I can fix a flat tire?”, “how to maintain an e-bike chain?” etc.

Volvo Recalls Latest Polestar EV – Again

The latest electric vehicle from Volvo's techy brand Polestar is having a bumpy market debut, to put it mildly. Because Volvo just recalled this newest model for the second time in a...

Mini Doubling Down On EVs With Two New Chinese Models

Mini is doubling down on electric vehicles with the addition of two new Chinese models to its portfolio, one of which promises to be a major reimagining of the modern hatchback form factor.

Hyundai Ioniq Wants To Be A Tesla Truck When It Grows Up

Following some delays and turmoil over strategy that have been reported on over the last several months, Hyundai today at last revealed its latest electric vehicle. The creation in question is called...
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