Volvo Recalls Latest Polestar EV – Again

The latest electric vehicle from Volvo’s techy brand Polestar is having a bumpy market debut, to put it mildly. Because Volvo just recalled this newest model for the second time in a month. And that is a really bad look for any company in any industry, least of all one as sensitive to high-profile fiascos such as the automotive sector. If you buy just one horrible car, you’re probably done with that brand for good.

As for what is going on here, it would appears the original issues with the High Voltage Coolant Heater have still not been fully resolved, according to an official statement from Polestar. Volvo is therefore recalling over 4,500 new Polestar models in total. Though the Swedish company is quick to point out that the recall is voluntary. Though in cases like these, not recalling a product always runs the risk of being forced to do so further down the road, looking all the worse for it.

Fortunately, it would appears the models sold in the United States have no such faulty parts to speak of. And even the aforementioned figure isn’t that bad once you realize a third of those 4,500 Polestars never made its way to consumers but were pulled from car showrooms and similar places. But this definitely doesn’t inspire confidence in Polestar.

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