Mini Doubling Down On EVs With Two New Chinese Models

Mini is doubling down on electric vehicles with the addition of two new Chinese models to its portfolio, one of which promises to be a major reimagining of the modern hatchback form factor. The other one, meanwhile, is said to offer something along the lines of a junior crossover, but Mini is mum about other, more concrete details concerning this mysterious EV.

What we do know, however, is that the two vehicles will both be manufactured in China. The decision to lean into EVs more than what has been the case so far is far from a surprising move on Mini’s part. As it is not a Mini move at all, but a BMW one. It was its parent company who recently pledged itself to pursue EV successes much more aggressively, and Mini has no choice but to comply.

Though, to be frank, out of all of the car brands on the planet, Mini certainly seems like one of the most naturally inclined ones toward a complete fossil-to-electricity transition. Because this company was always about catering to city folk. Either way, the two aforementioned models are also meant to be followed by the next-generation Mini Countryman. That one, however, will still be manufactured in Germany, Mini has confirmed.

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