Disney+ Reaches New Heights With 73 Million Subscribers

It hasn’t even bee a full year since Disney+ had its debut in the United States and the on-demand video platform is still far away from true global availability, at least compared to pretty much every serious rival it has. Yet Disney has so far been enjoying nothing short of explosive growth. Further illustrating this momentum is today’s announcement of yet another impressive milestone as Disney+ has now hit and surpassed 73 million subscribers, the media conglomerate disclosed to investors.

The reasons for this strong debut are hardly a mystery, which also means Disney may struggle to maintain this momentum once things return to normal. But this turn of events was a perfectly timed counterweight for offsetting the effects national lockdowns had on Disney’s offline revenues.

You remember the old days back when Disneylands across the world used to be open more often than not, right? But given the current situation, Disney stands to make well in excess of $2 billion in the final quarter of the year alone just from Disney+ subscriptions, assuming it manages to hold onto its existing ones. When in reality, The Mandalorian and its other originals are likely to attract even more consumers to its platform in the near future.

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