Robert Pattinson Opens Up On Batman Plans

Actor Robert Pattinson opened up on the current status of another DC reboot simply called The Batman, one that happens to be starring himself. Unlike many other recent depictions of the caped crusader, this one will place a larger focus on Batman’s detective side, though the idea is not to do so at the expense of emotionality.

Hitting a balance between the two is where the true challenge is, Pattinson opinioned, adding that he is already feeling the weight of the project on a daily basis due to the sheer number of people involved. Furthermore, the actor opened up on some of his creative process, explaining that he always starts with the character’s arc before moving on to the nuances required for adding complexity to the them, which is how things that movie watchers find interesting usually happen.

After a five-month delay, the first out of three planned movies directed by Matt Reeves is scheduled to hit the cinemas in early 2022; March 4, to be exact, albeit more minor delays are not ouf of the question. The movie also stars Colin Farrell as Penguin and Zoë Kravitz as Catwoman, with the setting being Gotham City in the second year of Batman’s superhero career.

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