Facebook Releases Oculus Quest 2 VR Headset

Facebook’s virtual reality subsidiary, Oculus, today released its latest VR headset in the Oculus Quest 2. The head-mounted display can be purchased across the United States for $299.99. That price point reveals quite a bit about it already, as this isn’t really a super-flagship offering in the vein of the latest HTC Vive Cosmos devices. Instead, it is meant to combine the best of both worlds called affordability and pricing.

This device has been kept under the wraps quite successfully until the very last moment, in fact. As it has only been last month that Oculus actually announced it. Compared to the first Oculus Quest, the Oculus Quest 2 is more powerful and lighter, which should allow for longer VR sessions and more sustainable performance. The pre-order period is officially branded a huge success that had Oculus “blown away,” according to the company’s blog post which went live earlier today.

What exactly that means in terms of sales has not been disclosed as of yet. You can pick up the Oculus Quest 2 from Facebook’s subsidiary directly, or order one via Best Buy, Target, GameStop, and Walmart in the United States.

Curiously enough, Amazon is not an option to American consumers, even though the Oculus Quest 2 can be ordered via Amazon in pretty much any other country in the world.

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