77th Venice Film Festival VR Lineup Coming To HTC Viveport

The entire lineup of virtual reality experiences set to be premiered at the upcoming, 77th edition of the iconic Venice Film Festival is on its way to Viveport, HTC proudly announced today. The Italian festival, itself, is taking place from September 2nd to the 12th of the same month.

This development is neither an outright publicity stunt nor something HTC has been planning since forever, as the Taiwanese company explained that the main reason why the organizers behind the 77th Venice International Film Festival even decided to embrace Viveport at such a scale is the fact that the majority of cinephiles who would have attended the 10-day event ended up being prevented from doing so due to the extremely unfortunate circumstances this year brought upon us.

So, why not allow people to immerse themselves into the seventh art through a high-end VR headset? Which brings us to today. The festival’s selection on its way to Viveport includes no fewer than 25 360-degree movies and VR experiences in total. And as yet another gesture of goodwill and support, HTC is ceding the entirety of Viveport revenues to developers and content creators publishing work on the said platform until the end of the year, the company announced.

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