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360Hz Gaming Monitors Are Now A Thing, Thanks To NVIDIA

If you ever thought 144Hz is overkill, wait until you see what will be starting at you from the front window of every computer shop you see this holiday season.

Review: Monowear Apple Watch Bands

I’m a huge Apple Watch fan. So much so that I’ve hardly put another watch on my wrist since the Apple Watch launched last year.

Review: Satechi Aluminum Mini Docking Station

Being a laptop-only user has it’s ups and downs. I can take my machine anywhere I go: home, a local coffee shop, or the office, but I’m limited by battery and I/O ports.

Review: Organika Case for iPhone 6 and 6s

Are you looking for a one-of-a-kind case to protect your iPhone 6 or 6s?

Review: Toffee Cases Sleeve Wallet for iPhone

The Toffee Cases Sleeve Wallet for iPhone is the first wallet-style cases I’ve checked out that actually allows you to use your iPhone...

Review: Turcom Bluetooth AcoustoShock Speaker

If you plan to spend time outdoors, maybe by the pool, at the beach, or at the park, a Bluetooth speaker can be a great addition to the party, allowing you to blast your tunes wirelessly.

Review: VRS Design New Crystal Bumper Series Case for iPhone

VRS Design is one of my personal favorites when it comes to protective cases for the iPhone.

Review: Catalyst Case for 42mm Apple Watch

If there’s one knock on the Apple Watch as a sport watch it might be the fact that it’s not waterproof.
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