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Volvo Recalls Latest Polestar EV – Again

The latest electric vehicle from Volvo's techy brand Polestar is having a bumpy market debut, to put it mildly. Because Volvo just recalled this newest model for the second time in a...

Mini Doubling Down On EVs With Two New Chinese Models

Mini is doubling down on electric vehicles with the addition of two new Chinese models to its portfolio, one of which promises to be a major reimagining of the modern hatchback form...

Hyundai Ioniq Wants To Be A Tesla Truck When It Grows Up

Following some delays and turmoil over strategy that have been reported on over the last several months, Hyundai today at last revealed its latest electric vehicle. The creation in question is called...

Goodyear Brakes Announces Premium Brake Line

In a licensing deal with FDP Virginia, Goodyear Brakes announced today that it is introducing a full line of braking components, available online at

Honda Ridgeline power steering noise fix

If your Honda Ridgeline power steering is making a noise while idling or when driving, it could be a power steering pump, belt, low fluid, or an easy o-ring fix.

How to Rent a Car for the First Time

The best thing about having access to a car is that it can open up a lot of new experiences and freedom. However, choosing to buy a car is a big undertaking as it can be quite expensive.

Electric Car As Your First Car?

Whether you have just passed your driving test or you’re finally getting your first car, have you considered an electric car? We have complied a guide to help you to decide whether you should opt for an electric car as your first car or not.

Some reasons why you should sell your car for money

Are you planning to buy a new car? What about the old one in the garage? Many people don't think about this and let it be there without even getting bothered that it occupies unnecessary space.
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