How to get the Google Chrome downloads bar back

With the newest update in August for Google Chrome, the downloads that were shown at the bottom of the browser will now show up at the top right side of the address bar.

Big Tech reports earnings; Amazon and Apple

Amazon.com Inc. announced strong revenue growth from the core e-commerce business while cutting the pace of spending on Thursday.

SUPCAM 4K UHD EPTZ Webcam review

You need to consider the image quality, audio quality, compatibility, features, and how the webcam is secured or mounted.

Samsung announces the Watch6 and the Watch6 Classic

Samsung has announced its two new Galaxy wearables, the Watch6 and the Watch6 Classic, and the rotating bezel is back.

Path of Exile 2’s 2023 Act 3 Gameplay and All You Need to Know

Exilecon 2023 has begun in New Zealand, and the team at Grinding Gear Games has just revealed more information about their upcoming game, Path of Exile 2. Path of Exile 2 (PoE...

Google Unveils the Innovative Pixel Fold Smartphone

Tech giant Google has taken the plunge into the foldable smartphone market with the introduction of its first-ever foldable device, the Pixel Fold.

Meta Quest 3: The Highly-Anticipated Leap into Virtual and Mixed-Reality Unveiled

Meta, formerly known as Facebook, has taken the tech world by storm after announcing the upcoming release of the Meta Quest 3 virtual and mixed-reality headset.

Sea of Thieves’ Return to Monkey Island is a Great Re-Introduction to the Monkey Island Series

Following last year’s Pirates of the Caribbean expansion, Rare has once again adapted a preexisting series beautifully. This time in the form of the first of three Tall Tales relating to the...