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Apple All Over TNT’s Southland



Like most you I often spot various electronic gadgets in the television shows I watch week to week.  The TNT drama “Southland” is regarded as one of the most realistic police shows on TV.  I’ve spotted a few of the cops using iPhone 4s each week, mostly just to make phone calls with but this week both the iPhone 4 and the iPad were used in various segments of the episode for more than that.  In one part of the show one of the detectives uses his iPhone 4 to snap a photo of a case file he’s not supposed to be looking at.  He uses the information to get the address of a potential suspect in the murder of his partner.  Later in the show two other detectives use an iPad to get the scoop on a witness in their case who is a B-List actress.  Head on in after the break to check out all the screen grabs.

Original Author: Larry Greenberg

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