The Earbay BT882CD wireless headset review

The Earbay BT882CD wireless headset with a microphone comes with a 500mAh battery that will ensure you can use the headset all day.  On a single 30-minute charge, you can enjoy eight hours of use, or with a full charge, up to 40-45 hours with 200 hours of standby time.  The Earbay wireless headset can be connected to two devices and has a maximum range of up to 49 feet/15m.

The Earbay wireless headset connects to a PC using the UBS dongle or Bluetooth v5.0 and is plug-in-play with no software to install.  When powering on, you will hear an audible saying “power on” and if you are connected, you will hear an audible saying “connected.”

The Earbay can be charged with a USB-C cable, or you can use the convenient charging station that includes a magnetic charge port.  The black, sleek docking charging station is made of plastic and has a blue light on the front bottom of it when it’s powered.  The charging station does not take up much room, and it’s a very convenient place to store your headset while it’s not in use.  The BT882CD wireless headset easily clips into the charging station, and the blue light will come on when it’s connected properly and charging.

You can easily mute the wireless headset by pushing the button on the top left earpiece or by muting it on your PC.  The flexible boom mic rotates 270° around the headset to your desired position.  It can also be left upwards and out of the way.  There is also a volume, play/pause that is located on the left earpiece, and a call answer or reject button on the outside.

The headset’s soft memory foam ear cushions fit okay, but they are small and allow you to hear more noise around you.  This headset might not be ideal for gaming since you might all of the gaming sounds compared to other wireless headsets.  But for other usages, these headphones will do the job.

The noise-canceling feature seems to help filter out most of the unwanted background noise and will be great for home usage, web conferences, or in an office environment.

The headband is easily adjustable, making it easy to share or adjust while using them.

The package includes a headset, a USB-C cord, a charging station, and a USB dongle.


  • Easily connect to a PC with a UBS dongle or by using Bluetooth v5.0.
  • No software to install, and it’s a plug-in-play.
  • Easily muted, and the 270° mic boom is easily rotated.
  • Excellent battery life with a full charge or with a quick 30-minute charge for up to 8 hours.
  • Comfortable.
  • 12-month warranty.

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