Trine 5: A Clockwork Conspiracy offers puzzle-solving and precise platforming skills

The exciting platform puzzle video game created by Frozenbyte and published by THQ Nordic is back.  Trine 5: A Clockwork Conspiracy is now available for purchase on Steam and many other popular retailers on a variety of platforms, including PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Windows PC.

In the fifth series, the three Heroes of Trine are pitted against dastardly and duplicitous villains who will stop at nothing to seize control of the kingdom, and it’s up to you to stop them.  Again, you get the privilege of Traversing breathtaking 2.5D landscapes with more levels, puzzles, and battles than any previous versions.

The fifth installment brings captivating challenges and mind-bending puzzles, just like the previous versions of the Trine family of games.  Players must navigate through a world of 20 levels requiring strategic thinking, puzzle-solving, and precise platforming skills to advance further in the game.

Trine 5: A Clockwork Conspiracy also features both single-player and multiplayer modes with three game difficulty options and a custom mode for puzzle difficulty.  It’s a game for all ages, and it can be enjoyed playing alone or online with friends in a four-player cooperative mode.

Players choose to play along as Amadeus the Wizard, Zoya the Thief, and Pontius the Knight.  The blend of platforming and puzzle-solving will require you to use one or more of the character’s abilities to complete the challenge.  The Clockwork Conspiracy also has a combat system, and tense boss encounters as you advance.

This installment features all-new abilities for each character and the accumulation of experience points by completing quests will unlock additional abilities for the player’s characters and expand their strategic options as they advance in the game.


Quiet as a MouseComplete The Town Library
Stone into SandComplete The Garden of Eternal Shade
Solitary Spa TimeComplete The Well of Tranquility
Cake and BetrayalComplete The Astral Academy Gardens
Means to an EndComplete The Long Way to Town
Shady Shortcut of a ThiefComplete Sinister Back Alleys
The Great CouncilComplete The Royal Castle
The Shameful VillainsComplete The Tallest Tower
Trapped and ForgottenComplete Dungeons and Sewer Rats
Watery WoesComplete Smuggler’s Way
Goodbye, Sweet GemsComplete Gemstone Caverns
Some climbing to doComplete Brackenridge Path
Barbara! We’re Coming!Complete The Astral Observatory
The Autumn LightComplete Autumn Woods
The Swamp WitchComplete Petrified Marshes
Memoirs of a SquireComplete The Bastion of Hope
Wings and Metal and Hot AirComplete The Magnificent Airship
Lampaca LandsComplete The Floating Archipelago
My Humble HouseComplete The Clockwork Palace
The Empty ThroneComplete The Dethroning
The Clockwork ConspiracyThwart Sunny’s and Goderic’s plans


Checking out EverythingCollect all experience in The Town Library
The Haunted HuntCollect all experience in The Garden of Eternal Shade
More than Soap BubblesCollect all experience in The Well of Tranquility
The Juiciest FruitsCollect all experience in The Astral Academy Gardens
The Thoroughfare TrackingCollect all experience in The Long Way to Town
The Shady SpoilsCollect all experience in Sinister Back Alleys
Combing Through the CastleCollect all experience in The Royal Castle
Treasures from the TowerCollect all experience in The Tallest Tower
Escaping, yet exploringCollect all experience in Dungeons and Sewer Rats
Casting the HookCollect all experience in Smuggler’s Way
Leaving No Stone UnturnedCollect all experience in Gemstone Caverns
Looking High and LowCollect all experience in Brackenridge Path
Gazing StarsCollect all experience in The Astral Observatory
Woodsy WisdomCollect all experience in Autumn Woods
Scouting the SwampCollect all experience in Petrified Marshes
Knight’s QuestCollect all experience in The Bastion of Hope
Shipwide SearchCollect all experience in The Magnificent Airship
Floating BountyCollect all experience in The Floating Archipelago
Palace PursuitCollect all experience in The Clockwork Palace
Experienced HeroesCollect all experience throughout Acts I-V
The PostmasterCollect all Letters throughout Acts I-V
The FashionmongerCollect all Bags and Hats throughout Acts I-V
The GossipCollect all Tidbits throughout Acts I-V


Boreal BowlingUse Amadeus’s Spinning Ball to destroy a chilled enemy
Ferocious FloraDestroy an enemy using a projectile from a Wall Spitter Plant
Ace Boom-BoomUse the blast of a defeated Clockwork Mosquito to destroy another one
Go Out for a SpinMake a Clockwork Guardian use the Spin Attack five times in a single fight
Made of SugarCross all the rivers in the Long Way to Town without touching the water
Fragile: Handle with CareComplete a level without breaking any of the Wooden Boxes

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