Samsung announces the Watch6 and the Watch6 Classic

Samsung has announced its two new Galaxy wearables, the Watch6 and the Watch6 Classic, and the rotating bezel is back.  The Watch 6 Classic will offer the latest Samsung Exynos processor, but Samsung will continue offering the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro since it remains the preferred choice.

The Watch6 will offer a 1.47” (480px x 480px), 327ppi, Sapphire Crystal Glass (L) or the 1.31” (432px x 432px), 330ppi, Sapphire Crystal Glass (S) display, whereas the Watch 5 Pro offers a 1.36-inch 450×450 AMOLED (45mm) display.  The Watch6 will have the Samsung Exynos W930 processor with 2GB of RAM and 16GB of storage, versus the Watch 5 Pro with the Samsung Exynos W920 processor and 1.5GB RAM, 16GB internal storage.

The Watch6 Classic will be available in Black or Silver, and the Watch6 will be available in Gold, Silver, or Graphite.  The Watch6 Classic is Stainless Steel at (L) 85g or (S) 77g, and the Watch6 Aluminum at (L) 33.3g or (S) 28.7g.

Both the Watch6 and the Classic will offer BIA (Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis), Skin Temperature / Cycle Tracking, Advanced Sleep Coaching, Blood Oxygen Levels, ECG/Irregular Heart Rhythm Notifications, and Personalized Heart Rate Zones.

The Classic will have two buttons and a physical rotating bezel, which Galaxy Watch users will greatly appreciate.  The Watch6 will have two buttons and a digital bezel.

The battery life expectancy is up to 40 hours (always off) or 30 hours (always on) with the 425mAh battery (Watch6 Classic), but not as long as the Watch 5 Pro with approximately 80 hours (590mAh battery).

The Watch6 comes in 40mm at $299.99 or the 44mm at $329.99.  The Watch6 Classic comes in 44mm at $399.99 and the 47mm at $429.99.  Both the Classic and the Watch6 are available for pre-order and will launch on August 11.


  • The physical rotating bezel is back (Classic)
  • Large display
  • Samsung Exynos processor and the latest version of Bluetooth (BT 5.3)
  • The most recent version of Google Wear OS
  • Trade-in discounts (save up to $200)


  • Watch 6 Classic has a 425mAh battery with a battery life expectancy of up to 40 hours (Watch 5 Pro has 80 hours with a 590mAh battery)
  • Heavier than the Watch 5 Pro

Some Alternatives

You might be considering some alternatives.  The Google Pixel Watch is a good affordable alternative and is good for fitness and health tracking.

Mobvoi TicWatch Pro 5 has a 628mAh battery with a battery life advertised at 80 hours and is durable like the Samsung Watch 5 pro.

For iPhone users, the Apple Watch Ultra Series 8 offers similar options and functionality at the same price range as Samsung.

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