Path of Exile 2’s 2023 Act 3 Gameplay and All You Need to Know

Exilecon 2023 has begun in New Zealand, and the team at Grinding Gear Games has just revealed more information about their upcoming game, Path of Exile 2. Path of Exile 2 (PoE 2) was first revealed at Exilecon 2019, and they’ve had four years to progress and develop the game we saw today during their live stream. Please continue reading to learn more about what they revealed today.

The largest announcement regarding the two games is that they will no longer be directly linked. In-game cosmetics and purchases between the games are shared. A Path of Exile 2 character also cannot interact with Path of Exile 1’s game.

New Classes

Path of Exile originally had seven classes: Witch, Templar, Shadow, Ranger, Duelist, Scion, and Marauder. PoE 2 has announced five additional classes, each with their unique skills and ascendancies. The classes are the Druid (Strength / Intelligence), Sorceress (Intelligence), Mercenary (Strength Dexterity), Monk (Dexterity / Intelligence), and Huntress (Dexterity). The additional classes bring more specialization to archetypes. A Templar, for example, wouldn’t make sense as a shapeshifter.


The combat in PoE 2, namely melee has also been massively overhauled. For comparison, melee in the first game has been widely considered a poor choice for the past few years. In PoE 2, most melee skills have movement tied to them with collision detection to improve quality of life. Also, all classes have been given a roll ability tied to the spacebar to avoid damage.

During the presentation, they showcased the new Sorceress class. Fans got to see the effectiveness of spellcasters in the new PoE 2. Apart from the beautiful new effects and additional new skills, spellcasting remains mostly the same with one huge difference, Spirit. Spirit is a new resource added that all classes can access that allows for the reservation of auras and skills. In the first game, you needed to use your mana to reserve auras, and now players get to keep their mana pool while using spirit to reserve powerful auras and abilities.

Items and Equipment

While the original gameplay didn’t reveal too many items, we know that there are Spears, Crossbows, and Flails (Potentially). This also comes with some changes, wands, and staves will have inbuilt abilities that can be socketed to upgrade and make leveling a smoother experience. Gems will also have their sockets tied to them instead of your equipment. We also saw gold drops that haven’t been explained yet.

You can check out Path of Exile 2 content and live streams over at We will continue to watch and keep RunAroundTech updated with the latest knowledge on Path of Exile 2!

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