Students can now use their Samsung phones for purchases at colleges and universities

Samsung has announced that 68 colleges and universities across the United States will now be able to use their Samsung cell phones for purchases.  Students can easily add their digital student ID to their Samsung wallet to open doors, pay for meals, and more with just a tap on their latest US phone versions.

Students can use their US version phones from the following embedded secure element (eSE) enabled devices that are using Android S or later operating systems.  The Galaxy S20 or later, Galaxy Note20, Galaxy Z Series (Z Flip 5G, Fold 5G, Z Flip 2, and Fold 2 or later), and the Galaxy A53.  You might want to check your device information by going to device “Settings” since Samsung does note that this feature may not work on models noted and international versions of all devices.  The Galaxy Watch is reported to be available this fall.

University of North Alabama, Penn State, Central Michigan University, the University of Florida, and the Stevens Institute of Technology are among some of the educational institutions that have enabled ID.  Note that currently paying by using near-field communication (NFC) is not available at all of the participating institutions.

Samsung reports that the app will still work even if your phone is off, locked or the battery is low.  Samsung reports that students are able to make 15 transactions within a 24-hour period after their Samsung phone powers off due to a low battery.

Students just have to visit the Google Play Store and download the Transact eAccount Mobile app, install it, and search for their school’s name.  Once the student has authenticated their ID they can accept their schools Terms and Conditions along with Samsung Wallet T&C and Privacy Policy.

Since 2018, Apple iPhone and Apple Watch students at universities were the first ones to enjoy this convenience.

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