Using Technology to Your Advantage as a General Contractor

Typically, a general contractor is very busy. Their day may begin at a job site meeting with subcontractors and may end with paperwork, with various tasks in between. If this sounds like your average day, you could benefit from simplifying some of the management tasks with the use of technology.

Cost Estimating Software 

When you provide accurate estimates to clients, they’ll know exactly what to expect. They’ll know if the project is within their budget at the moment, and they can adjust their finances accordingly based on the figure. However, when you provide inaccurate estimates, you lose that customer’s trust and may even lose their business. Keep in mind that trust is an essential component of running a successful contracting business. It’s how you get repeat customers and spread the positive word about your business. 

One way to create more accurate estimates is through estimating software, which lets you figure out the cost of materials and labor. You’ll be able to create a payment schedule for your customers, and you can even consider taxes and create personalized templates with your brand in mind. 

Project Management Software 

As the owner of a general contracting business, you have a great deal to manage each day, including your projects, employees, and customer relations, among other aspects. This leaves little wiggle room when it comes to wasting time. Fortunately, you can reduce the time it takes to manage projects by using project management software, which allows you to keep each project’s details in one place. 

You’ll be able to ensure you’re on track to meet all deadlines. You can even set reminder timers for deadlines. Plus, with all this information in one place, you can also see where you need to make changes and determine which projects are a priority for the week. 

Invoicing Software

Invoicing is a requirement for getting paid, but it can be time-consuming and a pain. The process leaves room for human error, which could cost you business or money. Fortunately, invoicing software can allow you to create invoices quickly and easily. The invoices can be customized with your business logo and color scheme, and you can include all the information, such as accepted payment methods, to make it simple for your clients to pay. 

You can also send an automatic monthly invoice to clients who owe you the same amount each month. Some programs allow you to send automatic reminders at set times for unpaid invoices, leaving you time to handle other tasks.

Payroll Software 

Manually completing the payroll yourself can be time-consuming. It also puts you at risk of making an error that could cause you to lose money or interfere with your employee receiving the correct compensation, leading to an array of problems. 

However, payroll software lets you complete payroll in less time with less chance of human error. It also allows those without a financial background to complete payroll effortlessly and accurately.

Take Advantage of Technology

When it comes to running a general contracting business, technology is your friend. Use it to your benefit to manage your business more smoothly and easily. Find more information about finances and technology for your company on Information Hoard. 

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