You Can Now Edit PDF Files Directly From Chrome

Adobe Acrobat launched a PDF editor in Google Chrome extension mode, allowing users to access editing tools directly from the browser. According to, Adobe Acrobat PRO DC subscribers can now convert PDFs to document files in Google Chrome.

The PDF document format is now widely used globally. However, it should be noted that to view and edit these files, the user needs an application installed on his computer or an online tool. There is indeed no shortage of free PDF readers. All major browsers, such as Chrome, Firefox, and Edge, have built-in support for reading them, and many users prefer to use them for speed and low resource consumption. But their functionality is limited, and they do not offer any advanced editing features.

The new extension was launched in August but recently announced alongside an update to the Acrobat tool.

Adobe Acrobat Chrome Extension Features

On October 12, it was announced through a blog post that opening PDF files with Adobe Acrobat in Chrome works like an online PDF editor.

Among the most outstanding features of the new extension, users can now mark up their PDFs with comments, highlights, and signatures, and make basic edits directly within the browser. When printing, they can rotate, delete, or reorder pages to optimize workflow and organization. In addition, they can transform a PDF into a Microsoft Word document and convert web pages into PDF.

How to Access the New Chrome Extension

The Adobe Acrobat extension is free in the Chrome Web Store and Microsoft Edge and weighs only 1.05MB. To install it, you only need to download the extension and follow the enabling instructions.

For more advanced and professional features, Adobe Acrobat Pro DC is also available. There are different payment plans to sign up: the annual prepaid program and the monthly payment plan have the same value of $US22 per month.

Adobe’s Financial Situation

Adobe reported a solid third quarter on September 21, but it wasn’t enough for investors. Adobe shares fell after the balance sheet, and CEO Shantanu Narayen sold shares during the decline. In early October, Adobe decided to appoint a new CFO to pursue a successful financial and stock market recovery.

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