InkEvolved Announces Rebranding

Despite the accelerated advancement in technology and printing throughout the last few years, four college students realized that something was missing in the printer community. Although the printing devices are getting more advanced by the day, one thing that remained the same was the lack of troubleshooting support.

Since most people instantaneously throw out the user manual as soon as they unpack the printer, when it comes to a glitch or changing the ink cartridges, they are left mind-boggled and wondering what to do. These situations are where the InkEvolved team comes into play and helps answer all the questions they’ve been having.

Branching Out into Deeper Waters

For the last three years, InkEvloved focused on providing the printing community with troubleshooting content related to Epson, HP, Brother, and Canon printers. However, in light of their 3rd birthday, they decided to take things to the next level with a brand new makeover.

For starters, InkEvolved will now go under the PrinterHeadlines name, which to an extent goes in line with their partner site GamerHeadlines. But, of course, the new name is just the beginning of what is to come within the next few months and years.

Up until now, InkEvolved has been using the unmanaged WordPress platform to organize the site. From this point on, they will be using the managed solution from Kinsta to help take care of their website needs. This update will go hand in hand with the tagDiv platform that the team decided to go for due to its good performance and feature ratio.

Apart from the technical features that they will be introducing to the site to enhance user experience, they are also looking into devoting more time and effort to their social media pages. Given that social media will help bring them closer to the printing community while also boosting brand exposure, it is time to utilize the Facebook and Twitter platforms.

Quadruplets Become Octuplets

Since they aim to catch the attention of a much bigger crowd, this also means they will have to supply the audience with more exciting content to keep them intrigued and asking for more. Although 1000+ troubleshooting articles are helping tens of thousands of users so far, PrinterHeadlines has decided to up the game.

Not only will they implement new areas such as news, reviews, best buy’s, and tutorials, but they’ve also doubled the team, which means that with new authors comes new printers. Specifically, the new printer brands they will be working with are Lexmark, Konica, Dymo, and Ricoh.

When we draw the line, the primary purpose of this rebranding is to bring the printing community and assist them as much as possible. Whether it be for troubleshooting or information that will help users find the ideal printer, the new themes, features, and topics will be available at PrinterHeadlines.

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