Worms Rumble Is The First Worms Game With Real-Time Combat

Worms Rumble came to the Nintendo Switch after successful multiplayer life on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox. A famous action game comes with all the content other platforms enjoyed from mid-2020 and a brand new Space Station Arena map.  

Team 17 latest iteration of legendary Worms is unique to the franchise in more than one dimension. This version is the first Worms game with real-time fighting and a title that offers cross-platform gaming. The game sets to release on June 23.

Cross-Platform Multiplayer Experience 

The game has several modes of play. There can be up to 32 players on a map, and you can play Battle Royale, Deathmatch, or Last Worm Standing. In Worms Rumble, you can choose between six arenas. It is a cross-platform multiplayer game, and hopefully, you won’t get 2110-2004 Nintendo Switch Error Codes. If your console doesn’t have trouble connecting to the Wi-Fi, the multiplayer component is as stable and fun as can be. 

The entertaining shootout has 2D maps, fun weapons, and you can customize your Worm with earned EXP points. With in-game currency, you can unlock and buy outfits, weapon skins and accessories. 

Best Weapons And Arenas 

Unlike other turn-based Worms games, this game allows you to hold two primary weapons, excluding a baseball bat that is always there. If you pick up a new weapon, the current one you’re holding will drop out. Hand Cannon is a great weapon, but a Sheep launcher is much more fun. You will have to work to get Bazooka, and another fan favourite is the Holy Hand Grenade. Among the new weapons, Hammerhead and Rocket Shield are more than worthy addition.  

The environment in the game lacks destructive potential seen in previous Worms games, but it has an excellent arena design. Of course, the best arena contest will always be subjective, but we kind of liked the Boathouse, and the new Space Station, probably because of its novelty.

First Worms With Real-Time Fights 

Worms have always been a turn-based game. However, some fans had issues with live-action; most accepted the first real-time fighting game in the franchise history. As a result, worm-infested maps and unfamiliar game mechanics can bother you at first. Still, once you get the hang of wall climbing and firing from your Bazooka, you will start to annihilate your enemies more frequently. 

Playing online multiplayer is one thing, but even more impressive is the cross-platform component that allows you to play on your Switch against PlayStation or Xbox players. Of course, real-time 2.5D platformer shooter is a unique genre. Nevertheless, it offers competitive fun and hours of frantic gameplay. 

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