Microsoft Surprises Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Users With Free Disney+ Subscriptions

Microsoft just cannot stop making the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate seem like the best deal since whatever the gaming equivalent of sliced bread is. Its latest act of adding value to its subscription service even goes beyond the scope of just video games.

More specifically, Microsoft just gifted month-long subscriptions to Disney+ to all Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members. Better yet, these do not even appear to be truly tied to Microsoft’s own offering. In the sense that you’ll be able to use a full month of Disney+ even if you cancel or downgrade your Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription the moment after you begin your complementary month.

So long as that moment happens on or before January 31st, mind you. Quite a pleasant surprise seeing how it’s been months since we have last seen Disney offer free trials to anyone,. Its decision to stop with those is hardly surprising, however. Because with so many of us spending more time at home this year, business has been booming for Disney.

Well, except for the Disneyland department, that one isn’t that doing that great. But that is beside the point because hey: an opportunity to binge both seasons of The Mandalorian for free!

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