Wonder Woman 1984 Variants Rebranded After Delay

Variant covers meant to commemorate the release of Wonder Woman 1984 have been delayed and ultimately rebranded. They won’t be out before next year, which is when DC will be commemorating the 80th anniversary of the character’s inception.

The movie itself is still scheduled to release on Christmas, though Warner Bros. CEO Ann Sarnoff recently revealed not even that is a given and the final decision on the matter is only expected to arrive in the coming weeks. Director Patty Jennkins returned for the sequel which was first intended to debut alongside Free Guy but was left as the sole holiday blockbuster of the year after the latter was postponed indefinitely given how the cinema industry isn’t in the best of places right now.

Previous reports also indicated a planned HBO Max Debut for Wonder Woman 1984 might be preceded by a limited theatrical run, though that case would see the actual global release of the movie pushed back to January. Overall, you can see why DC canceled the aforementioned variants amid all this uncertainty. As for their contents, the said collection will include nine alternate covers in total.

The rebranding effort will see it launched alongside The Wonder Woman History of Women graphic novel, DC had confirmed.

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