Fantastic Four MCU Movie All But Confirmed

A Fantastic Four film seems to be a lock-on for joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the near future after Disney’s subsidiary officially registered Solve Everything Productions as one of its properties. The said production company has long been rumored to be working on a Fantastic Four movie, alongside another such firm called Grass-Fed Productions.

But given everything that has been happening this year, the status of the project remains somewhat unclear. Murphy’s Multiverse, the outlet that broke the original story and repeatedly claimed a Fantastic Four MCU release was happening even before there was much in the way of public evidence to confirm that, believes a 2023 release is the most likely scenario, given the current circumstances.

And the sole fact that Disney, i.e. Marvel are yet to officially announce the project means they are still working out the creative roster and figuring out the pre-production phase of the task at hand. For added context, this will not be a direct sequel to the 2015 film Fant4stic, which was met with abysmal reviews from audiences and critics alike. 20th Century Fox officially canned that project shortly after the last movie’s release.

Yet since that happen, The Walt Disney Company acquired Fox, completing that merger and reverting the IP rights back to Marvel Studio late last year.

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