5G-Ready Nokia 8.3 Flagship Gets U.S. Release Date

We have known HMD Global’s first Android flagship in a long while – the Nokia 8.3 5G – will be coming to the United States for a while now. Yet the peculiar circumstances unique to this year prevented the said smartphone from getting a firm release date up until the very last minute.

Because HMD Global opted to wait until it pretty much had the first inventory batch of the smartphones on their way to the U.S. already. As it has today announced the Nokia 8.3 5G will officially be released across the United States next Monday, November 9th. Any other year, and we would have had this release date weeks in advance. But given the current state of global consumer electronic supply chains, we can be happy this particular Nokia handset actually made its way to North America before the end of the year.

How many Nokia 8.3 5G units is HMD Global sending to the U.S. right now is still unclear. But if you are concerned about potential shortages, those are probably off the cards, at least until December. Naturally, this is entirely dependent on how strongly will the Nokia 8.3 5G actually debut in the U.S. Canada is also understood to be part of this expanded availability wave.

And American consumers have certainly been waiting for a while now, seeing how HMD Global opened Nokia 8.3 5G pre-orders way back on September 23rd. Still, at $699, this is as affordable as modern Android flagships currently get, so the wait will hopefully have been worth it for most.

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