Samsung Reinvents ‘Find My Galaxy’ App With SmartThings Find

Samsung has just introduced a new and improved way to locate your Galaxy mobile devices. Called SmartThings Find, the service is more than just a spiritual successor to the Find My Galaxy app that’s been in circulation for years by now.

You probably know the one if you ever owned a modern Samsung device, though hopefully, you never actually had to use it. As for this newly introduced rebranding effort at hand, it includes more than just a simple renaming scheme. Because SmartThings Find is capable of using the full extent of UWB and BLE technologies in order to locate your devices in an even more accurate – not to mention quicker – fashion.

If the acronyms in question aren’t familiar, they belong to Bluetooth Low Energy and ultra-wideband spectrum networks. The latter of which are a big part of the ongoing 5G rollouts across the United States. And like the name of the service suggests, SmartThings Find isn’t a standalone feature any longer but is actually available from within the SmartThings Android app which can be installed on not just Samsung Galaxy devices but most somewhat recent smartphones and tablets. The update introducing the new functionality is rolling out as of today.

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