Intel Explains Why Its 11th Gen CPUs Are A Big Deal

Intel Corporation finally showed its hand on the central processing unit front, publishing a range of technical details and marketing promises concerning the 11th generation of its Intel Core S-series CPUs based on the so-called Rocket Lake-S architecture. Which is a humble name for nearly a dozen of equally unassuming CPUs, according to Intel.

That figure will probably be close to two dozen by mid-2021, based on the company’s previous CPU release patterns, especially across the desktop processing market in the United States (but also abroad). Between up to 20 PCIe 4.0 lanes, new Intel Xe integrated graphics tech, hardware-level streaming support and machine learning optimizations, these CPUs stake a claim at being the best of the best among what modern, mass-produced computing hardware can achieve as of right now.

All of these new CPUs are currently projected to start reaching the U.S. market as part of consumer-level desktop builds in the first quarter of 2021. Of course, expect at least a couple of them to become available for purchase on their own, just in case you want to tinker with building your own PC rig. Pricing details are yet to be announced, however, so stay tuned and prepare for another pricey affair.

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