Google Assistant Can Now Help You Design Stuff In Adobe XD

Google Assistant is being integrated into the Adobe XD application for mockups and prototyping, the two companies announced today. Well, not just announced – you can already try this expanded functionality set as of today.

And much like you would suspect, this novelty allows you to verbally instruct the Google Assistant around designing an app, applet, or any other type of software experience. Granted, the functionality is still somewhat limited, but this is supposedly an area both Google and Adobe are eager to keep exploring in the future.

So, it may not be too long until professional designers don’t even have to know how to use Illustrator. Not that we are entirely sure whether that would be more of a good thing or not. But in any case, those looking to start bossing the Google Assistant around Adobe XD can now do so just as soon as they install a newly released Google Assistant Preview plugin for the Adobe XD.

Which is completely free of charge, of course. And given Google’s business model, it is extremely unlikely this plugin will end up costing any money in the foreseeable future. As this milestone is all about reconfirming Google’s AI leadership instead of being directly financially motivated.

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