PS5 Already Making History With Day 1 Pre-Order Records

The PlayStation 5 is already making history, even while being weeks away from its actual market release. That is according to Sony itself, who today revealed day-one pre-orders already surpassed PlayStation 4 sales. The first 12 weeks of PS4 sales, actually, and all in 12 hours’ worth of work, at that.

Of course, the PS5 was already widely expected to do well and reach new heights even beforehand. But due to everything that has been going on in 2020, it would seem that the fact many people are now spending way more time at home is certainly adding to the momentum Sony has already been building for a while now.

Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO, Jim Ryan, described the demand as “very considerable” in a recent interview. He added that not everyone wanting to purchase the PS5 on the very first day of its official market release may be able to do as much. This news does a lot to dispel the skepticism surrounding the general shortage of AAA launch-day exclusives for the PS5.

Namely, it does not seem this is going to be an issue in the slightest. Of course, that is in no small part because of the console’s backwards compatibility, as well.

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