Lenovo U.S. Intros New Tech In Bid To Enable Virtual Classrooms

The American branch of Chinese electronics conglomerate Lenovo today announced a variety of new Internet of Things products and other gadgets united around a single message, or better said, a promise; a promise that Lenovo is ready and willing to start powering virtual classrooms of the future – today. At least in the United States and Canada.

Today’s announcement hence revolves around the company’s endeavor to establish a so-called Lenovo Hybrid Classroom ecosystem with an extremely versatile app suite suitable for pretty much every educational scenario imaginable. Another key selling point of Lenovo’s offering is their flexibility in terms of customization and custom-built tech specifically catering to individual use cases. In this way, Lenovo appears to be trying to compete with the likes of Google and Microsoft on their home turf. Yet it is also collaboratin with Google, whose Meet room-scale teleconferencing kits happen to be part of its newly announced ecosystem.

Ditto for the company’s Tensor Processing Unit, a specialized processor optimized for robust machine learning computations. Get ready for these new Lenovo solutions to become available for purchase to institutional buyers across the U.S. this November.

But do not expect to ever see a standardized pricing scheme for any of theme, as is often the case with B2B tech made to move entire warehouses’ worth of bulk orders instead of a bunch of solo licenses.

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