Huawei Eyewear 2 Combines Sunglasses With Audio Only You Can Hear

Huawei, one of the largest consumer tech companies on the planet, today announced the introduction of the Eyewear 2, its newest pair of intelligent, connected glasses blending several key technologies into a unique user experience.

The main selling point of these stylish glasses is their ability to function as wireless headphones of sorts, albeit ones that only you can hear thanks to the futuristic way in which they relay and conduce audio data directly through the directional sound chamber into your ear, delivering a stereo experience that manages to be physically unobstructive and completely or almost completely silent to the outside world, probably depending on how hard do you prefer your bass to be hitting you on your daily commute.

NFC, Bluetooth, and active nosie cancellation support are also on board here, with the overall product still looking relatively incospicuous. Note that no visua linterface is part of the product on offer, so privacy concerns that are not your own should be a non-issue, unlike, say, with the previous Google Glass prototypes and Snap’s failed Spectacles, which happen to be the aesthetically most similar product to Huawei’s Eyewear II.

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