Garmin’s Next-Gen Diver Tech Includes Mk2 Smartwatch Series

Garmin has announced what it describes as the next generation of diving technologies earlier today. The bulk of the announcement centers around the Mk2 series of smartwatches, though that label is only used in the loosest of senses.

Because Garmin claims these products are more akin to fully featured diving computers that just happen to fit onto you wrist. Marketing talk aside, we are looking at two new models in the Descent Mk2 and the Descent Mk2i. Another new arrival is the Descent T1, but don’t let the name fool you as this is not a smartwatch but a transmitter.

Albeit one that can communicate with both of the newly announced smartwatches via Garmin’s proprietary SubWave technology, all with the goal of sending accurate tank pressure data to divers in real time. As for the wearables, they promise to be leakproof and highly customizable as users are able to choose from up to five sets of diving data they want available at a glance in real time. In effect, diving expeditions using Garmin’s latest tech should be that much more safer.

The Descent Mk2 and the Descent Mk2i have a suggested retail pricing of $1,299 and $1,499, respectively, and can already be purchased in the United States. The Descent T1, meanwhile, will retail at $399, starting from the fourth quarter of the year.

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