Photoshop Just Became Scary Smart Thanks to Adobe Sensei AI

The newly started Adobe MAX 2020 Creativity Conference wasn’t as focused on Photoshop as one might expect, and yet Photoshop once again took the majority of the spotlight.

Not even Conan O’Briend managed to outshine it during the online-only event that also saw guest appearances from some other creative A-listers such as Keanue Reeves, Annie Atkins, and Paula Scher. And how could Photoshop not be the talk of the creative industry once again, seeing how scary smart it just became? A new update that should already be available for download across the United States as of today introduced a variety of new features and optimizations to Photoshop 2021, with the majority of those being powered by the Adobe Sensei AI.

Thanks to some cutting-edge machine learning, Photoshop can now achieve things like replacing a sky or almost deep-faking someone’s face in a split second. Which is humbling to witness, not to mention terrifying for countless junior designers across the country who are currently living a rather stressful existence, all with the hopes of one day being the main Photoshop/Illustrator/etc. guy or gal at some agency. Well, given how quickly the Adobe Sensei AI is progressing, the future of the design industry is certainly becoming increasingly more difficult to predict.

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