Zenmuse P1, L1 Are DJI’s Bulkiest Commercial Drones To Date

Chinese drone manufacturer and industry leader DJI today announced not one but two new enterprise-grade drones in the Zenmuse P1 and Zenmuse L1. This duo happens to consist of the company’s bulkiest drones to date, commercial or otherwise.

The idea with both was to provide a complete package for aerial surveying, coupled with the most technologically advanced full-frame camera payload ever launched into the air on its own, without a pilot in its immediate vicinity. Adding to the impressive specs sheet is the inclusion of the world’s first-ever integrated drone LiDAR, a type of light-based radar used by emerging tech like self-driving cars for sensing their immediate surroundings.

Of the two, the DJI Zenmuse P1 appears to be a slightly more luxurious solution, though neither is likely to leave its future owners wanting for anything. The DJI Zenmuse P1 and DJI Zenmuse L1 can already be pre-ordered from all licensed DJI Enterprise dealers in the United States. The company is still figuring out the exact product roadmap but promises first units will start shipping to consumers very early into the next year, so January, most likely.

Pricing will, of course, depend on the exact volume of individual orders, as is customary in the B2B space.

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